Mission and Objectives

The mission of our accredited Environmental Engineering program is to provide a broad education in environmental engineering fundamentals and the natural sciences, along with extensive experience in multidisciplinary problem solving, to prepare graduates for the practice of environmental engineering at the professional level.

The Environmental Engineering program is a unique degree program administered jointly by the School of Engineering (SoE) and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS). The program leverages the extensive educational, faculty, research, and professional resources from both schools.

Students are prepared to enter the profession to work on maintaining and improving Earth’s environment by solving critical environmental engineering challenges, making an impact locally and globally, working on multidisciplinary teams, engaging in critical communications with stakeholders, adhering to high ethical standards, practicing life-long learning, and aiming for leadership roles in the professional and civic world. A benefit of our program is that equal emphasis is placed on tackling problems associated with multiple environmental matrices from the micro-to systems-wide scale.

With our low student to faculty ratio and extensive alumni network, the program offers abundant mentoring, research, internship, and co-op opportunities to provide an educational experience that is personalized and highly experiential. The program fosters a collegial and inclusive environment that provides each student the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and expertise that prepares them to become innovators and leaders in the field of environmental engineering. The program objectives and outcomes are found at the link below.

ABET Environmental Engineering (EnvE)