Instructional Facilities

InstructionalClassroom2.jpgComputing facilities are available at the university, school, and departmental levels. The Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering also maintain their own computer laboratories that provide specialized software for the use of its students and faculty. All facilities are connected to RUNet via the high-speed Rutgers backbone. 

The Department of Environmental Sciences instructional computing facilities include an Instructional Computing Lab (ICL), an Environmental Engineering Computer Lab, as well as several labs and classrooms with lcd projectors, audio and video equipment, instructor computers, and associated software and support. The ICL and teaching labs and classrooms contain 25 computers for students to meet educational and research objectives for classes, for general use outside of classes, and for faculty and students to make presentations. The Environmental Engineering Computer Lab also includes the software AutoCAD, HydroCAD, ArcGIS and SimaPro. Printers, a scanner, and a large format poster printer are available. Research groups have access to HPC computing clusters and servers used in the modeling, computation, display, and analysis of research data.

The environmental engineering students have also access to the computer resources in the School of Engineering. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has two computational laboratories. 

InstructionalClassroom.jpgThe first one is dedicated to the instruction of computer programming and software use related courses, while the second one to the team based design project activities. The laboratories provide access to numerous software packages, including MATLAB, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, etc.