Arend-Jan Both

Professor and Extension Specialist

Environmental Engineering

Office:ENR 248
Website: Horticultural Engineering


PhD: Cornell University, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 1995 

MS: Agricultural University in Wageningen, the Netherlands, 1988 

BS: Agricultural University in Wageningen, the Netherlands, 1986 


Outstanding Associate Editor, ASABE Journals. November 2018. 

Outstanding Associate Editor, ASABE Journals. July 2016. 

ASHS (American Society for Horticultural Science) Kenneth Post Award for Graduate Research in Floriculture for the 2012 paper by M.G. Blanchard, E.S. Runkle, A.J. Both, and H. Shimizu titled: Greenhouse energy curtains influence shoot-tip temperature of new guinea impatiens. HortScience 47(4):483-488. July 2013. 

ASHS (American Society for Horticultural Science) Outstanding Extension Publication Award for the publication titled ‘Greenhouse Energy Conservation Strategies’ authored by E.S. Runkle and A.J. Both (MSU Extension Bulletin E-3160). July 2013. 

NCERA-101 Committee on Controlled Environment Technology and Use, 20 Year Member Award. March 2013. 

Merle V. Adams Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Junior Faculty Member. December 2005. Department of Extension Specialists, Cook College, Rutgers University. 

Extension Specialist of the Year. December 2003. Department of Agricultural and Resource Management Agents, Cook College, Rutgers University. 

Blue Ribbon Award, ASAE 2003 Educational Aids Competition. July 2003. Horticultural Engineering Newsletter (previous issues can be downloaded from: 

ASAE Standards Development Award. July 2002. ASAE. 

Blue Ribbon Award, ASAE 2001 Educational Aids Competition. July 2001. Horticultural Engineering Web Site:

The Honor Society of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering: Alpha Epsilon. March 1999. 

The Honor Society of Agriculture: Gamma Sigma Delta. May 1993. 

Professional Affiliations

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 

International Society for Horticultural Science 

Research Interests

Horticultural engineering, energy systems and environmental impacts of energy technologies, hydroponic and lighting systems for controlled environment agriculture.

Selected Publications

Li, Y., A.J. Both, C.A. Wyenandt, E.F. Durner, and J.R. Heckman. 2019. Applying Wollastonite to soil to adjust pH and suppress powdery mildew on pumpkin. HortTechnology 10 pp. 

Brumfield, R.G., L.B. Kenny, A.J. DeVincentis, A.K. Koeser, S. Verlinden, A.J. Both, G. Bi, S.T. Lovell, and J.R. Stewart. 2018. Analysis of economic and social costs of growing Petunia x hybrida in a greenhouse production system using alternative containers. HortScience 53(8):1179–1185.  

Both, A.J., B. Bugbee, C. Kubota, R.G. Lopez, C. Mitchell, E.S. Runkle, and C. Wallace. 2017. Proposed product label for electric lamps used in the plant sciences. HortTechnology 27(4):544-549. 

Both, A.J., J.M. Frantz, B. Bugbee. 2017. Carbon dioxide enrichment in controlled environments, Chapter 9. In ‘Light Management in Controlled Environments’ (R. Lopez and E.S. Runkle, eds.). Meister Media, Willoughby, OH. pp. 82-90. 

Runkle, E. and A.J. Both. 2017. Delivering long-day lighting – Technology options and costs, Chapter 10. In ‘Light Management in Controlled Environments’ (R. Lopez and E.S. Runkle, eds.). Meister Media, Willoughby, OH. pp. 91-99. 

Both, A.J. and J.E. Faust. 2017. Light transmission: The impact of glazing material and greenhouse design, Chapter 6. In ‘Light Management in Controlled Environments’ (R. Lopez and E.S. Runkle, eds.). Meister Media, Willoughby, OH. pp. 59-66. 

Fisher, P., A.J. Both, and B. Bugbee. 2017. Supplemental lighting technology, costs and efficiency, Chapter 8. In ‘Light Management in Controlled Environments’ (R. Lopez and E.S. Runkle, eds.). Meister Media, Willoughby, OH. pp. 74-81. 

Mitchell, C.A., J.F. Burr, M.J. Dzakovich, C. Gómez, R. Lopez, R. Hernández, C. Kubota, C.J. Currey, Q. Meng, E.S. Runkle, C.M. Bourget, R.C. Morrow, and A.J. Both. 2015. Light-Emitting Diodes in horticulture. Horticultural Reviews 43:1-87. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ. 

Both, A.J., L. Benjamin, J. Franklin, G. Holroyd, L.D. Incoll, M.G. Lefsrud, and G. Pitkin. 2015. Guidelines for measuring and reporting environmental parameters for experiments in greenhouses. Plant Methods 11(43). 18 pp. 

Johnson, M., T.S. Villani, A. Azmat, J.E. Simon, and A.J. Both. 2015. Evaluation of algal biomass production on vertical aeroponic substrates. Algal Research 10:240-248.