Arend-Jan Both
Professor and Extension Specialist
Phone: 848-932-5730
Office: ENR 248
Research Interests: Horticultural engineering, energy systems and environmental impacts of energy technologies, hydroponic and lighting systems for controlled environment agriculture.
Nicole Fahrenfeld
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-8416
Office: RWH 328D
Research Interests: Contaminant fate and transport, environmental microbiology (antibiotic resistance, microbial source tracking, sewer epi), environmental organic chemistry (microplastic pollution), water quality.
Donna Fennell
Phone: 848-932-5748
Office: ENR 231
Research Interests: Microbial processes in natural and engineered systems, bioremediation, microbial activity in the atmosphere, anaerobic digestion of wastes.
Qizhong (George) Guo
Phone: 848-445-2983
Office: RWH 328F
Research Interests: Hydraulics and hydrology, urban stormwater and flood management, inland and coastal water environment restoration, green and sustainable water infrastructure.
Weilin Huang
Phone: 848-932-5735
Office: ENR 258
Research Interests: Water treatment processes, abiotic processes in remediation, fate of toxic organic and heavy metal pollutants in the environment.
Uta Krogmann
Professor and Extension Specialist, Undergraduate Program Director
Phone: 848-932-5729
Office: ENR 246
Research Interests: Solid waste management and engineering, green buildings, life-cycle assessment, sustainability.
Yalin Li
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-2870
Office: RWH 328A
Research Interests: Thermochemical and catalytic technologies for resource recovery, bioenergy and bioproducts, sustainable design and decision-making
Monica Mazurek
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-2871
Office: RWH 322F
Research Interests: Air quality engineering,analytical methods for organic compounds in environmental and chemical engineering processes,organic geochemistry of earth materials.
Robert Miskewitz
Associate Research Professor
Phone: 848-932-5707
Office: ENR 344; RWH 328A
Research Interests: Assessment and management of surface water and sediments, computational methods for drought prediction and water use in agriculture, urban water infrastructure.
Christopher C. Obropta
Professor, Extension Specialist, and Director of the NJ Water Resources Research Institute
Phone: 848-932-5711
Office: ENR 232
Research Interests: Watershed management, green and sustainable infrastructure for stormwater management, community involvement, environmental outreach.
Christopher G. Uchrin
Professor, Graduate Program Director
Phone: 848-932-5738
Office: ENR 262
Research Interests: Mathematical modeling of contaminants in aquatic ecosystems, lake eutrophication.
Ruo-Qian (Roger) Wang
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-4288
Office: RWH 328E
Research Interests: Developing numerical models to connect big data and decision-making in coastal engineering, natural hazards, water resources and renewable energy systems.